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What is a Reformer?

Reformer training is the most effective and efficient workout today. Reformer is a Pilates machine that consists of a mobile platform and several springs with different levels of resistance. The exercises on this machine can be performed in a supine, prone, sitting, kneeling or standing position, with a use of a different resistance depending on the exercise and the physical ability of the client, as well as with implementation of certain props in certain situations.

Compared to other exercise methods which are based on many repetitions of the exercises, this method is based on improving the movements, because when each movement is meaningful and performed well, the results are shown in less time.

Reformer training activates not only the superficial but also the harder-to-reach muscles that are often neglected in other exercise methods. It includes exercises for strength and flexibility of the body.

It can be used by clients of all ages and fitness abilities.

The number of exercises that can be performed on this machine is unlimited, as a result of which the trainings are fun and varied.

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