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About us

- First STOTT PILATES Reformer studio in Skopje -

BODY & BEYOND is the first studio in North Macedonia where you can practice STOTT PILATESThe studio is equipped with Pilates machines (Reformers, Cadillac, Stability chair, Ladder Barrel), as well as additional equipment with which the exercises can be modified and become more complex, and the training can become more interesting and more dynamic. 

The exercises are performed under the constant supervision of a Certified Instructor for STOTT PILATES Reformer, whose task is not only to determine a program of exercises and to monitor whether the clients perform them safely and correctly, but also to motivate them to persevere in achieving their goals.

Before a client’s first session, they fill out a questionnaire regarding their medical history and the goals they want to achieve with the program, because this, as much as their physical condition, are crucial in designing the program for them. There are clients who specifically want a program that will help them improve their posture or relieve them of chronic pain, but there are also those who come to practice thoroughly.

In addition to this, in the introductory class we conduct a formal postural analysis of the client, which gives us a baseline idea of their muscular imbalances and helps us to select the exercises that will target specific muscle groups to begin rebalancing them.

A safe and proper performance of the exercises is our priority.

Give us a try and start practicing STOTT PILATES Reformer. We guarantee you that it is the right step to take toward reshaping your body and improving your health.

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